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Revive Property Services is the ideal choice for enhancing the value of your property, as well as handling 24 hour maintenance issues.


Property Maintenance

24-Hour Reactive Maintenance Service

Revive Property Services’ 24-hour reactive maintenance service lets you respond immediately to urgent requests for emergency repairs and maintenance in commercial and residential properties.

As well as general commercial and residential properties, our 24-hour reactive maintenance service can also make maintenance and repairs easy for social housing clients.

Your Property Maintenance Issues Solved Fast

With Revive Property Services, you can have peace of mind that professional help is a phone call away, as we are on call 24 hours a day. Our experienced and fully accredited team is always ready to respond to all reactive repair and maintenance calls for property issues such as drainage and flood damage, plant or boiler maintenance and electrical maintenance.

We also ensure the safety of damaged areas, board-up windows and doors and install emergency glazing. We have joinery and roofing experts, as well as locksmiths to cover every kind of reactive maintenance situation.

Not only do we have the expertise to carry out all maintenance and repair work, but we also respond quickly to your call to minimise any damage and get the problem solved as soon as possible.

Benefits of Our Reactive Maintenance Service

Taking advantage of our reactive maintenance service means you don’t have to spend time or money planning your maintenance. We simply respond to every issue on your behalf as and when it arises. This reactive approach takes away the stress of planning and executing a maintenance schedule.

Reactive maintenance also means you can minimise your outgoing maintenance costs. This is because you only need to pay when something needs repairing or replacing instead of scheduling and paying for regular maintenance checks that are often unnecessary.

Our reactive maintenance service for commercial, residential and social housing keeps everything simple and easy to understand, without a regular and often unnecessary schedule to adhere to. Your properties continue operating with little to no interference, and we simply react and fix any issues when they occur.

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